1) Feminism protects us from authoritarianism.

Authoritarians are hostile to women’s rights. Strong feminist movements keep authoritarian forces in check, creating the conditions for more democratic societies. Where authoritarianism is ascendant, feminist movements are fighting it head on.

2) Feminism advances women’s rights.

Wherever and whenever women’s rights advance, those changes are always propelled by feminist activists. Positive changes will not occur without explicitly feminist intervention.

3) Feminism is necessary for human rights and social justice.

Without gender justice and women’s rights, true social justice and human rights for all cannot be achieved. Women’s rights are human rights.

4) Feminism opposes right-wing extremist attempts to control women’s bodies and their lives.

White supremacists, religious nationalists and other right-wing extremist groups act to deny women and girls control over their own bodies, and therefore their lives. Feminism opposes their actions.

5) Feminism gives people control over their bodies.

Feminism promotes the means and conditions that allow people to exercise freedom and meaningful choices over their bodies, sexuality, and reproduction. It advocates for sexual and reproductive rights, without which, women’s rights and gender justice can’t flourish.

6) Feminism tackles harmful gender norms.

Feminism seeks to change the socially constructed roles assigned to women and girls, and men and boys. If we don’t tackle harmful gender norms, gender justice will remain a dream, and all persons—men included—will suffer.

7) Feminism calls for abortion access.

Where abortion is legal, easily available, and integrated into the healthcare system free of charge, healthcare and health outcomes overall are improved.

8) Feminism demands that all children grow up in a safe, healthy and nurturing environment.

Intersectional feminism embraces the call of Black feminists for reproductive justice—which goes beyond the choice to have children—to include the conditions for all children to grow up and thrive in a safe, healthy, and nurturing environment.


9) Feminism should be funded.

Feminists shouldn’t have to work on a shoestring. Given the benefits of their action to society, they deserve significant, long-term and flexible financial support.

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Where authoritarianism is ascendant, feminist movements are on the front lines against it.