Simon Fraser University Political Science Professor Laurel Weldon has developed a tool that clearly demonstrates the crucial impact feminist movements have had on women’s economic rights.

Laurel and her research team developed The Feminist Mobilization Index to give a more complete picture of feminist activism trends from 1975 to 2016 across 126 countries. The Index demonstrates that, over the last 50 years, women’s movements have contributed to closing the gender inequality gap, improving women’s economic livelihoods. 

Moreover, feminist mobilization is associated with reduced child marriage and changed attitudes regarding women in politics and violence against women.

This research, and more like it across various disciplines, demonstrates that autonomous feminist movements are critical to advancing women’s economic rights. Other actors can, of course, do much—government through legislative changes, or corporations via action on pay equity—but government or corporate action is itself spurred by feminist activism and action.

You can read more about the index here.

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Feminist movements are the key actors in advancing women’s economic rights.